Do you want to use your Arduino Board with FlowLogic 6 and ICOMA.DLL?

Get a Access Code to activate your Arduino board to interface with FlowLogic 6 and Visual Studio ICOMA.DLL

Board Supported as of now: Arduino Uno, Nano and Maker Uno  

The activation is a simple process that can be carried out via FlowLogic 6 using an ACCESS CODE that need to be purchased, upon activating, your Arduino board able to communicate interactively with FlowLogic 6 command blocks and also with Visual Studio ICOMA.DLL functions
The activation will automatically configures the I/O pins of your board for external devices connection and programming using FlowLogic 6 or ICOMA functions in Visual Studio (VB, C#,C++) to create cool projects.
Scroll down to view the configured Input and output pin assignment
for various board and USB driver installation steps...

Please install the supported board's USB driver first before activating your board.
This can be via FlowLogic 6 software tool, Scroll down to learn more

To activate the supported Arduino board, you will need a Access Code which you can purchase from the shop. The 15 alphanumeric character Access Code will be instantly emailed to you. Scroll down to learn more

Arduino Uno R3

Arduino NANO R3

MAker Uno R3

USB Driver Installation 

for Arduino Uno, NANO and Maker Uno


Launch FlowLogic 6 Version 3.6 from your PC Desktop 


From the top menu, click ‘Option’ 


Select Install Arduino USB Driver, Select either 32 Bit or 64 Bit
for Arduino Uno with ATmega328P. 

For Arduino Uno ATMEGA16U2 and Maker Uno select CH340 USB Driver.


The USB Driver Installation window  should appear , if NOT Exit 
FlowLogic 6 and Run it again as Administrator. Repeat 2 and 3  


Follow the instruction and complete the installation

Go to SHOP to get the Access Code 

One Access Code for ONE board. You can use the activated board with both FlowLogic 6 and VB,VC++,VC# using ICOMA.DLL functions


Start prototyping projects from LEDs to Robotics, IOT and beyond...

Develop flowchart based programs with FlowLogic 6 and Visual Studio (,C++...) applications to interface with the activated Arduino boards to Test, Control, Monitor and Analyze your cool projects.


NO, you don't have to. You can download for free to learn programming algorithm using built in virtual projects to enhance your Computational thinking. You only need to buy the Access Code if you want to  explore physical computing using Arduino Uno board. You can download FlowLogic 6 and start using it immediately. Go to Tutorials to learn more.

From FlowLogic 6, Select menu "Option" and then select either the 32bit or 64bit. If the installation window does not appear, Run your FlowLogic 6 as Administrator.

For now it only support  Arduino Uno R3 ATmega328P ATMEGA16U2 with Arduino USB Driver or CH340 USB Driver. More Arduino and other boards will be added soon 

Unlimited, You just need a new Access code for each board.

NO, You can email us if you have any issues. we are continously updating FlowLogic 6 and the Tutorials page regularly to serve you better.

NO, you just need one Access code to activate one Arduino board. This board can be used to program to control, monitor and analyse your real-world project connected to it with both FlowLogic 6 and ICOMA.DLL functions.

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