FlowLogic 6 Tutorials

Features videos that you could watch and follow to Learn, Build and Innovate using FlowLogic 6 software tool

Section 1

Get Started

Get familiar with FlowLogic 6, Flowchart based programming Software tool to develop Algorithm and beyond..

Section 2

Computational Thinking

Learn to find solutions for computation problems by developing algorithm to enhance computational thinking

Section 3

Algorithm Design

Learn to develop algorithm to control and animate applications using virtual projects- ON screen mimic

Section 4

Digital STEM 

Explore digital STEM activities with Arduino Uno, Electronic, Sensors and FlowLogic 6 software tool

Section 1

Introduction to FlowLogic 6

Introduction to FlowLogic 6 
FlowLogic 6 software tool is a flowchart based interactive programming IDE to Explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), Algorithm and Computational Thinking and Physical computing using Arduino UNO board

Download and install it on your WIndows OS (7 and above) computer

The essentials

Watch this videos and explore the essentials of FlowLogic 6 to get familiar with it. 

Section 2

Computational Thinking Activities

Develop Programming Algorithm solving computation problems to enhance your computational thinking and programming skill using Flowchart blocks with FlowLogic 6

Section 3

Developing algorithm using Virtual projects

Virtual projects are on-screen application models that you could develop algorithm using flowchart with FlowLogic 6 to control and animate it...

You can also design your own Robot Maze and develop algorithm to navigate the robot thru it.
Required Maze Image size : Height = 140mm  Width = 105mm (JPG Format)
Copy the Maze Image file into C:\Flowprogram\Maze\

Section 4

FlowLogic 6 and Arduino Uno Board

Develop Algorithm with FlowLogic 6 Flowchart blocks interfacing with the activated Arduino UNO boards to Test, Control, Monitor and Analyze your cool projects.
Sample programming project activities

Digital STEM Beginners Guide

Download this graphically illustrated guide and get started exploring the amazing world of digital STEM using FlowLogic 6 and Arduino Uno.

Beginners Guide's Prototype Activity #1

STEP 1: Investigate the circuit   STEP 2: Build the Circuit   STEP 3: Test and pogram it

Beginners Guide's Prototype Activity #2

Beginners Guide's Prototype Activity #7

Explore the rest of the prototype activities in the Beginners guide on your own...

Upon completing all the activities, you will gain strong knowledge and skills in prototyping real-world STEM applications, Algorithm and Computational Thinking (Creativity, Problem solving abilities...and beyond).

Some past Camp project activities

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