FlowLogic 6

Flowchart based interactive programming
IDE to Explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), Algorithm and Computational Thinking...

Flow Logic Sample Algorithm

Our goal is to provide programs and resources for Students and Educators to indulge in a joyful process of thinking, experimenting, tinkering and inventing while carrying out rapid programming activities developing algorithm using Flowchart blocks to control, monitor and analyse their creations.

User able to carry out various programming activities by arranging and connecting various blocks in an appropriate flow and logic blending with math, text, timer, media, files and IOT functions by using built-in virtual model, widgets or physical computing activities using Arduino Uno compatible board.  

Core Features 

FlowLogic 6 build for Windows OS PCs

FlowLogic 6 is an ideal tool to teach
Computational Thinking

 computational thinking develops students’ higher-order thinking, problem-solving, collaboration and communication skills that can accelerate natural learning abilities across the curriculum and empower students to be creative inventors with technology.

FlowLogic 6 offers computational thinking practices incorporating the following elements:

1. Decompositon: 

Breaking down a big problem in smaller chunks.

3. Pattern generalisaton & abstracton:

Putting a pattern in its simplest terms and creating a piece which can be used whenever needed. Abstracton means focusing on important information and ignoring irrelevant detail. 

2. Pragmatic Thinking:

Approaching the problem using programmatic thinking techniques such as iteration, symbolic representation, and logical operations

4. Algorithm design:

Stepwise solution to a problem where the above elements are used when deemed necessary..A visual method of depicting algorithms are flowcharts.

Computational Thinking Activities Example

Visit Tutorial page for more examples

Prototyping for learning examples

Develop Flowchart based algorithm interfacing with Arduino boards to Test, Control, Monitor and Analyze your cool projects. From LEDs to Robotic, IOT and beyond...

Visit Arduino Page to Learn how to activate your own Arduino UNO board to interface with FlowLogic 6.

The Activated board can also be used with ICOMA.DLL functions.

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