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myFlowLab Education is focused on creating educational tools and learning resources collaborating with Arduino board that are easy and fast to apply for students to start soft, engaging with technology to innovate aquiring soft skills and 21st century skills as they progress through middle school, high school, and university and help them thrive thru project based learning.

Learning Solutions

we innovate learning tools and resources for students to get engage in a hands-on and minds-on activities in the area of Technology and Engineering blending with Science and Mathematics primarily to ignite them towards STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), Innovation, as well as enhances their soft skills and 21st know-hows to prepare them for a successful future.


FlowLogic 6 - Visual Flowchart based Arduino Uno board interactive programming tool

Allows user to develop programming algorithm to control, monitor and analyse their prototype real-world project connected to Arduino UNO board with sensors and actuators. Projects from LEDs to Robotics, IOT and beyond... can be rapidly developed. Build in with many interactive tool for fun learning experiance.


ICOMAL.DLL - .NET Custom library functions to interface with Arduino UNO board

Allows user to develop Windows Desktop application with UI using any programming platform that support .NET DLL to control, monitor and analyse their rel-world project connected to Arduino UNO board with sensors and actuators. Projects from LEDs to Robotics, IOT and beyond... can be rapidly developed. 

Core Features of FlowLogic 6

for Windows OS PCs


Offers Strong Foundation in Learning and STEAM Exploration


Programming Skills

Learn Programming skills that are applied across any programming language, a pathway towards textual based coding...


Real-World innovations

Built and innovate real world projects blending with Science and math learnt in school....


Robotic Applications

Acquire knowledge to design and develop intelligent robotic application to solve real-world problems...


Industrials project & IIOT

Build Industrial based projects and Internet of Things using Data sensors and Cloud computing ...


Reinforce solutions

Acquire knowledge and skills to develop ideas to reinforce solutions solving the real-world problems...


Problem Solving

Become a problem solver by enhancing Computational Thinking, Creativity and Communication skills...

Empowering the following groups with our Tools and Trainings.


Example Learning by prototyping