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Computational Thinking



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Introduction to FlowLogic 6 - The essentials
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Computational Thinking Activities

Developing Programming Algorithm solving problems to enhance computational thinking and programming skill using Flowchart command blocks
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Developing algorithm using Virtual projects

Developing Programming Algorithm to enhance computational thinking and programming skill using built-in virtual models.  Download now and enjoy's FREE

You can also design your own Robot Maze and develop algorithm to navigate the robot thru it.
Required Maze Image size : Height = 140mm  Width = 105mm (JPG Format)
Copy the Maze Image file into C:\Flowprogram\Maze\

Preparing your FlowLogic 6 for Physical Computing using Arduino Uno Board

In order to carry out activities using your Arduino Uno compatible boards with FlowLogic 6, you will need to purchase a Access Code from our shop, The Access code is used to activate your Arduino board to communicate with FlowLogic 6.
Watch the video below on how to do it or go to Arduino Special to learn more.

Physical computing

Sample Led blinking project - The beginning....

myFlowLab Beginners Guide

Download this graphically illustrated beginners guide and get started exploring the amazing world of physical computing using FlowLogic 6 and Arduino Uno.


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